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Windows comes in every platform. It is possible to pick from windows Professional to windows server Enterprise Edition. Get 10% Discount through the Windows VPS until 2013.

Windows VPS Hosting - Games and Application Hosting Friendly

Windows Vps tend to be more efficient than ever. Not only will you have approximately 4 x CPU power plus unlimited bandwidth transfer, you can even have reboot access to your VPS and full system backups done daily. You may use your VPS for virtually from Point-to-Point Tunneling to launch storage.

VPS include more CPU capacity to handle intense loads at any time ensuring your internet site performs at it's peak.

Windows Virtual server website hosting Beginning with 14.99/month
Regular Price - 25.99/month

Entry Linux Virtual Server

Cloud hosting is safer than in the past and security is also a big part of our redesign. Many free applications can open up vulnerabilities every so often, which often could mean an even more costly experience for all. To handle these complaints, we now have incorporated many new and very advanced precautionary features along with our Tippingpoint IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and Barracuda Spam firewalls offering continuous protection for you as well as your customers

A Virtualization environment allows you to use your Linux VPS or Windows VPS inside a GUI environment. Service Businesses of any size

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Full Systems (O/S) Back-ups on all Managed VPS.

Vps Canada

An entire system back features a backup of the entire o/s and files. Full system backups are carried out daily therefore you may rest assured that your computer data is safe. For a limited time only, full system backups are contained in packages aged Six months or longer.

Virtual Internet hosting - Software Assistance Service

We at Unix Canadian Hosting understand the need for assisting our clients if it is most needed. We offer immediate assistance with software installations and troubleshooting as required. For a little while we are offering this service for FREE. This package is included only for packages aged Three months or longer.

Choose any Linux version of your flavor. If you are not used to Linux we provide fully managed services for Linux VPS which suggests we could assist you to accomplish your tasks. Your business could possibly want a mail server or an FTP server and you need assistance configuring it, we are able to work with you. Linux VPS can be purchased in both GUI and Text.

Linux VPS Hosting Beginning from $9.99/month for little while Only.
Regular Price - $15.99/month

Triple Core Linux Virtual Private Server

Slicing up a server into virtual servers. each user seems like they're independently dedicated server, however they are actually sharing a web server with many other users. The users might have root access to their very own virtual space. A complete system back features a backup of the entire o/s and files. Full system backups are done daily therefore you may rest assured that your data is protected. For any short time only, full system backups are a part of packages aged Half a year or longer.

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Windows Virtual dedicated server - Super Servers

Could the importance of Virtualization for businesses that develop several applications and software monthly and aften times demand a dedicated Operation System. Rent an excellent server to hosting your very own VPS with as many as 16 CPU Cores.

"Windows VPS Hosting with affordable rates and great service does indeed exist. Support is Flawless"

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